Hello, I am PINGL!

Thanks to Pingl, gastro business customers can order and pay without waiting, whether they want to order a takeaway for a certain time or they are already sitting at a restaurant table.

For restaurants, Pingl means a new efficient sales channel - Pingl will bring new customers through takeaway orders while reducing service demands.

Pingl introduces two new ways of ordering:

1. Takeaway orders

Thanks to takeaway orders, even those customers who would otherwise miss their lunch will find their way to you. They choose your restaurant and order what they want. They pick up the order at the specified time and don’t have to wait in queues. This allows you to easily handle more customers and get extra revenue .

Restaurant menu
Restaurant menu

2. Table ordering

For businesses that have a lack of service , we’re bringing a mobile waiter solution. Customers scan the QR code on the table and can choose an order. Everything is paid online by card. This gives the restaurant operators more time to prepare the order!

How can your business benefit with Pingl?

The easiest way to get more new satisfied customers.

Time saving for both customer and waiter

The customer can use their mobile phone to instantly select and pay for food. They do not have to get up from table and wait in queues at the bar.

Sales increase

In self-service businesses, customers often do not order a second time just to avoid having to get up from the table. With Pingl in their pocket, there's no danger. Pingl also skilfully offers extra products at the right moment of the order.

Customer's food experience improvement

Possibility to order at any time, photographs of meals, notification about the completed order. All of this and other Pingl benefits will induce the customer to return to your restaurant.

Loyal customer base

Pingl remembers its users, allowing them to pay with a saved card on one click or offering them their favorite products.

It will help in busy times around lunch and dinner

It will bring new customers from nearby office centers or universities

We integrate the business into a platform with new customers

Takeaway orders increases restaurant capacity

Cafedu - Casestudy

Pingl at Cafedu Café works as table and takeaway ordering platform. Check out exact numbers and statistics on how Pingl helps!

How to run Pingl in your restaurant?

Pingl is a platform designed for everyone - for restaurant operators, front-house members and customers.

For restaurant operators

We will add your business to our platform and give you access to the administration interface. You manage the information about the restaurant and the menu, we provide you detailed statistics.

For front-house members

Your bar will be enhanced by a tablet for order confirmation. You do not have to worry about complicated processes, for simplification we can integrate Pingl into the POS systems of our partners.

For customers

We will provide you with QR codes for each table and information materials for your customers to learn about new order possibilities.

For accountants

Online payment billing is handled individually with each business to fit their processes.

Try Pingl now!

View our application demo from the customer's perspective. For the best experience use your smartphone, for which Pingl is fully optimized.

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