Hello, I am PINGL!

Thanks to Pingl you can order and pay without waiting, whether you want to order a takeaway for a certain time or you are already sitting in a restaurant table. Why should you wait in line at the bar when you can enjoy delicious food and drinks instead?

See how easily you can order from the app:

1. Open the app

Entering the application is really easy. Just go to pingl.app and choose where you want to eat today. If you want to order from the table, just scan the QR code that you have on your table and start browsing the offer!

You do not need to download any application to your mobile phone or wait for the waiter to bring you a menu, just scan the code and order!

Restaurant menu
Meal ordering

2. Choose a meal from the menu

Clear menu with pictures and descriptions of food and drinks helps you with a comfortable choice. With Pingl you don't have to worry about ordering a "chef's specialty" because you know exactly what will land on your plate! Are you an allergic? In the app you can see for each food what allergens it contains.

3. Pay with card online

You also pay online directly for any order you create through Pingl. If you save your card information, you can pay for your next orders with only one click.

How to pay with Pingl
Food ordering

4. Get notifications

With takeaway orders , restaurants prepare everything for the desired time. You just come and pick up your food without waiting in queues.

If you ordered from the table, the restaurant staff knows exactly where you are sitting. If he has the opportunity to bring an order on these tables, he will bring it as usual to the table. If you are sitting in the self-service section of a restaurant, you will get a notification on your mobile that your order is ready and you can pick it up.

Order through Pingl now!

Choose what you want to eat today and order now! Choose between takeaway and ordering from the table! Pingl can do both.

Do you want Pingl in your business?

See how Pingl works from the perspective restaurants and cafes. We will be happy to show you Pingl at your place!